“You Got It”: by Dirty Kin (unofficial music video)


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“You Got It”: by Dirty Kin (unofficial music video)

“You Got It”: by Dirty Kin (unofficial music video)


FORMED IN 2010 BY GUITARIST NoNoClay, Dirty Kin was conceived to become a 100% no compromise, in your face, Rock N Roll band! A new, rough and tumble sound revival.

And it had to be perfect. Each member a seasoned gear in an old school new crash grinder…

…early 2010 – NoNo went out to find his ideal members.

The first would be drummer Nick “Fuzz” Tamez a young drummer from Texas who had the swing and the swagger that he was looking for! Bringing heavy hits while still maintaining a sense of groove.

Soon after he came across E.R. Rivas a solid bass player from NC who kept it low and dirty and in the pocket.

After searching a few more months NoNo approached an old friend, JD Shaw, from a previous project. JD was a drummer with an itch to get out front. With a voice that rips and grinds, JD was the perfect match! After rehearsing and writing the first single “You Got It”, the band was solid!

With the line-up complete, Dirty Kin has become a solid in your face heavy hitting machine!

Dirty Kin on Revernation

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