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About Lampifier of Tennessee World Class Audio

Lampifier Offered Wired Microphones with Built-In Sound Processing

The Lampifier Company offered a range of wired microphones that have a phantom-powered audio-enhancing processor located inside the microphone handle. The programmable sound processor is designed to enhance the microphone's performance with applications including Pro Concert Vocal, Intimate Stage Vocal, Podium/Lectern, Acoustic Guitar, Vocal Ensemble, and Instrument Amplifier.

Lampifier Microphone Endorsers & Program Gallery

Discover the power of crystal-clear sound with Lampifier Microphones – endorsed by industry experts and audio enthusiasts alike. Explore our Microphone Endorser's page to witness the voices that trust and amplify their art through Lampifier. Elevate your audio experience with cutting-edge technology and endorsements that speak volumes. Unleash the true potential of your voice, as celebrated by our esteemed Microphone Endorsers. Join the community of sound connoisseurs who choose Lampifier for unparalleled quality and performance.

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About The Name Dueling Worlds©

What does Dueling Worlds© mean? As the name implies, the World’s outside ourselves, or the World’s inside that battle for everything, good or bad. On the creative side, left or right, north or south, the duels we possess will not cease. How much, too little, the duels will, and have never finished since the beginning of life.