The Dyer Movie Part 1


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The Dyer Movie Part 1

The Dyer Movie Part 1

2008 was the year I produced “The Dyer Movie Part 1. It seems like a lifetime ago, and you can tell by the low quality of transfer from analog film to the digital format. I really didn’t know what I was doing back in 2008. There was countless of hours of film I had acquired on The Dyer family who were from England, and it sure looked better on my camera lens than when I transferred it to DVD.

I met Eric and Betty Dyer through their daughter Susan in 2007, and even though Susan and I went our separate ways in the beginning of 2011, the memory of her parents, her family and even Susan will stay alive in this movie forever.

This was the birthplace of Oasis Acres Studios, Brayton Scott Entertainment Productions, which is now just Brayton Scott Entertainment©, and The Stown Megahorse Media Group. The first and the last are no longer used for productions, but they did plenty when they were operating.

I must point out that near the end of this movie there are 3 subtitles with “Behind the Scenes” footage.

Yes, the years of 2007 & 2008 were some crazy times on the ranch for me, so if you have the time, kick back, pop-a-cold one and enjoy some music with a couple of great people that performed some really good songs.

Anyways, I had never released this production to the public until November 2016.

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