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Their manifesto, in five songs, is out now. All questions will be answered.

These are strange days indeed, truth and lies merge, and life un-folds. Direct from the ether, downloaded onto collective devices.

What do we believe and whom do we trust?

Trust your own ears. Then onto the lips, let it move right down, your mind sends a message, that your hips have been found.

When did it begin, who knows…

What do they want, they want your soul…

They’re here, there and everywhere and Have You Heard, the message is frightening.

The Rich and Famous are in control and the world as we knew it was lost a long time ago…

Never has there been a more relevant window for their message to be received and it will be heralded as ‘the cure’ for the indie-rock-folk climate de jour where PC is OK.

Is it? Or is it a slow kill…

Rock was born to shock, lest we forget.

Take Us To Your Leader, the band’s fourth studio release will be difficult to ignore.

You’re familiar perhaps with their unapologetic inclination to tell you straight, exactly how it is, no questions asked.

The Rich and Famous are a high powered merger of rock, glamour, satire and mind control, in its purest form.

With borderline contradiction, flamboyance and a heavy dose of hard core, it’s what you asked for. Since their last release (Stand Back Prepare To Be Amazed), The Rich and Famous have collaborated with aliens and formed strong alliances with interplanetary heavy hitters. Their musical portal will deliver onto the fortunate a higher level of consciousness which is not known on the earthly plane.

There’s no fortune for the brave, they are masters – you are slave.

Dirty Music, it’s a business and Strict Discipline is needed. While the masses sleep, The Rich and Famous deposit ear worms directly into your brain. The countdown for this otherworldly experience has begun, passengers must ready themselves for Blast Off, as there is no second chance.

They’re multiplicitous. They’re dangerous. They’re Rich and they’re Famous…

What more do you want?

Can you blame them?


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