Song “Darkroom Fantasy”

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Song “Darkroom Fantasy” by Bad Girls Dream – Dueling Worlds© International. Written by Brayton Scott, Jared Sin, &  Eric Torrane.





Song “Darkroom Fantasy”

Song “Darkroom Fantasy” – short shot


Song “Darkroom Fantasy” by Bad Girls Dream

Image of Dueling Worlds© International Bad Girls Dream CD Cover Song Darkroom Fantasy



Was written by Brayton Scott, Jared Sin, &  Eric Torrane.

Brayton Scott describes the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ the Bad Girls Dream song “Darkroom Fantasy” was written, produced, and recorded.

Does anyone know if they still have Photography darkrooms in high schools anymore? Our drummer “Gared Sin” was a great musician, but that didn’t keep him from writing a sexually explicit song about one of his experiences in high school. The reason why my name is on the credits for writing “Darkroom Fantasy” was because I had to feel right about the lyrics to front this song to our audience.

Of course, I asked Gared if this really happened to him, but after seeing his Harem at rehearsals, it was no doubt, he really experienced a “Darkroom Fantasy”.

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