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Image of Angel in Black by Restless Child - Brayton Scott Music Entertainment Restless Child Nathan Yeary Live Stage Shot Full

Brayton Scott Entertainment©


Brayton Scott Entertainment©  began with the creation of Oasis Acres Studios in 2007. Following that was The Stown Megahorse Media Group. Oasis Acres Studios and BSE© are the home’s for the following productions on this page. 

Brayton Scott is the Founder and Owner of Brayton Scott Entertainment©, the parent company and publisher of duelingworlds.com. Dueling Worlds© International and Dueling Worlds© Web International are division’s of Brayton Scott Entertainment©. 


Our Passions'

A diversified freelancer looking to explorer all challenges.

Image of Making-United-States-Marine-2000-x-1201-Feature-Image-web2x
Making a United States Marine

December 5th, 2005, this man (Scott Wyatt) graduated from basic training in the United States Marine Corp. This film is dedicated to him and all the veterans...

Image of Albert-The-Prince-of-Oasis-2000-x-1201-Feature-Image
Albert: The Prince Of Oasis

In late 2008, during the Financial Crisis, the world was like “coming to an end”. At Oasis Acres Studios, just east of San Antonio, Texas....

Image of XMAS-with-LOVE-in-MAY-our-TEXAS-Part-2-2000-x-1201-Feature-Image
XMAS with LOVE in MAY our TEXAS Part 2

Published on May 9, 2010 XMAS with LOVE in MAY our TEXAS Part 2. Happy Mothers Day Part 2 of 4 is a continuation of...

Image of Merry-Xmas-with-Love-in-December-2000-x-1201-Feature-Image-web2x
Merry Xmas with Love in December our Texas Part 4 & Final

Published on Dec 19, 2010 Merry Xmas from Everyone here @ Oasis Acres Studios, Brayton Scott ...

Image of The Dyer Movie Part 1
The Dyer Movie Part 1

2008 was the year I produced “The Dyer Movie Part 1. It seems like a lifetime ago, and you can tell by the low quality of transfer from analog film to...

Image of XMAS-with-LOVE-in-MAY-our-TEXAS-2000-x-1201-Feature-Image2x
XMAS with LOVE in MAY our TEXAS Part 1

Published on May 4, 2010 PART 1 OF 4 Follow Writer/Director/Producer Brayton Scott as he shares his film of th...

Image of XMAS-with-LOVE-in-JUNE-our-TEXAS-Part-3-Tribute-to-Eric-Albert-Dyer-2000-x-1201-Feature-Image
XMAS with LOVE in JUNE our TEXAS Part 3/Tribute to Eric Albert Dyer

XMAS with LOVE in JUNE our TEXAS Part 3/Tribute to Eric Albert Dye...

Image of Vicky-Daz-Loves-to-Dance-2000-x-1201-Feature-Image-web2x
Vicky Daz Loves to Dance

Published on Jan 16, 2012 I have not produced or released any short films since 2010. We have been working on camera techniques and lighting with new animation software....

Image of Betty-Dyer-Her-Oprah-Winfrey-Audition-Video-2000-x-1201-Feature-Image
Betty Dyer Her Oprah Winfrey Audition Video

Published on Jun 23, 2010 Betty Dyer Her Oprah Winfrey Audition Video. This is the year (2010) that Oprah Winfrey ...

Image of The-Great-Divine-Western-Storm-&-Hurricane-Alex-2000-x-1201-Feature-Image
The Great Divine Western Storm & Hurricane Alex

Published on Jul 22, 2010 The Great State of Texas had an extreme drought in 2009 and 2011, so when The Great ...

Image of Bermuda-Jason-and-the-Texas-Scorpion-2000-x-1201-Feature-Image
Bermuda Jason & the Texas Scorpion

My Executive Producers Nephew came in from Bermuda and had never seen a Real life Scorpion. Texas being...

Image of The-3D-Gingerbread-Woman-Does-the-Zumba-2000-x-1201-Feature-Image
The 3D Gingerbread Woman Does the Zumba

Published on Aug 19, 2010 My Beautiful Executive Producer Susan R Brown has got me getting in shape for Future Productions. So, since I'm not just doing the Zumba myself...

Image of The-Stown-Media-Group-Video-Deposition-Capabilities-2000-x-1201-Feature-Image
The Stown Media Group Video Deposition Capabilities

Published on Dec 7, 2010 This Stown Media Group Video Deposition Promomercial displays the capacity of The Stown Media ...

Image of P2-Zachry-keeping-Connie-Beseda-UnEmployed-2000-x-1201-Feature-Image
P2 Zachry keeping Connie Beseda UnEmployed

Published on Feb 4, 2010 Part 2 Reveals ZACHRY keeping Connie Beseda Unemployed with the Refusal of Rehire back to ANY Job ....

Image of ZACHRY-keeping-Connie-Beseda-UnEmployed-Part-1-of-3-2000-x-1201-Feature-Image
ZACHRY keeping Connie Beseda UnEmployed-Part 1 of 3

Published on Jan 27, 2010 Find out HOW in this 3 Part series why Big Corporations are still suppressing MAINSTREET Workers, and...

Image of EP3-ZACHRY-keeping-CONNIE-BESEDA-UnEmployed-2000-x-1201-Feature-Image

Published on Feb 10, 2010 Part 3 with Demands of Part 4 5 6. Part 3...

Image of Remake-of-Runnin-by-Jody-Jenkins-Oasis-Acres-Studios-&-BSEP-2000-x-1201-Feature-Image
Remake of "Runnin'" by Jody Jenkins "Oasis Acres Studios & BSEP"

Published on Aug 30, 2010 This is what happens when YA send a MOVIE/MUSIC-Producer/Director....

Future Projects

Dueling Idea's in the World's to come.

These Dueling Worlds© divisions' are moving at the speed of technology.


Understanding your requirements is how we provide quality works.
Image of Order Take Us To Your Leader - The Rich and Famous Band – Dueling Worlds© International

The Rich and Famous on Dueling Worlds International

December 26, 2017 ·

Image of Dueling Worlds© International The Rich & Famous Dueling Worlds Video Review

Dueling Worlds Animation International have outdone themselves! The
rock music video for Take Us To Your Leader is on the home run, we’ve
just watched the latest clip and we can’t wait to share it with y’all when
the time is right. We tip our hats to Brayton Scott – he is a legend and his
talents are outstanding!

Image of THE RICH AND FAMOUS MANIFESTO - Dueling Worlds© International

The Rich And Famous

on Dueling Worlds© Animation International