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Dueling Worlds© International is a Division of Brayton Scott Entertainment©. Brayton Scott Entertainment© began with the creation of Oasis Acres Studios and The Stown Megahorse Media Group in 2007. Brayton Scott Entertainment© & Oasis Acres Studios are the home’s for productions such as “Albert: The Prince of Oasis”, “The Dyer Movie Part 1”, “Making a United States Marine”, “The Great Divine Western Storm & Hurricane Alex”, “Xmas with Love in our Texas” series, “The 3D Gingerbread woman Does the Zumba”, “Bermuda Jason & the Texas Scorpion”, “Betty Dyer’s Oprah Winfrey Audition for OWN ”, and the controversial “ZACHRY keeping CONNIE BESEDA UnEmployed” series.

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    Making a United States Marine